What is the right Debt Management Solution for you?

Consumer debt reached the $14 trillion dollar mark by the end of 2019, increasing over 15% in just five years. The largest category of debt is made up of mortgages and home equity loans followed by student loans, auto loans and credit cards. With consumer debt at these levels and rising every year, it is not a surprise that many people are falling behind on payments. We serve our clients in Ohio and Indiana.

We offer Solutions

to Consumer Debt

Traditionally, to receive relief from debt an individual can declare one of two types of bankruptcy which can allow for the discharge or restructuring of the outstanding money owed.


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, is a consumer protection law that allows you to fight back against debt collection harassment.


Ignoring your financial situation is never the right option but bankruptcy is not always the way to proceed. Debt Negotiation is a middle ground that can be a great option for you and your creditors.


Your creditors have the option to litigate your unpaid debt in court. When you receive a summons, this is a legal notice that a lawsuit has been filed against you to collect on the money you owe.