Consumer Litigation

Consumer Litigation

As a debtor you have multiple options available to you in order to manage your debt situation and creditors also have different methods they can use in order to collect on outstanding debt. Initially, debt collectors will attempt to contact you through letters, email and phone. They may also seek to repossess property that is secured against any credit they have provided. When these tactics do not result in the repayment of the debt there is another option available which is consumer debt litigation.

If you have received a summons notifying you that legal action is being taken then you need to know that you are not in a unique circumstance. There are currently millions of cases pending in regard to debt collection and the lawyers at Hallock & Associates, LLC have extensive experience defending clients against these lawsuits.

Dealing with Consumer Litigation


When you are served a summons informing you of pending litigation by a creditor this is an official court document, and you must not ignore it. There are different rules in every state as to the specifics of how you can be served a summons but in all cases the litigation against you will move forward with or without your further involvement. Working with an experienced lawyer will ensure your rights are protected and you provide the best defense in court.


Consumer Litigation: Other Options


In some states you have the option to accept the debt when there is no defense you can offer against the litigation. This would lead to the judge issuing a summary judgement which will mean that you are responsible for the debt. Another option would be to attempt to settle the debt out of court. There are many reasons why this could be a good option for both your creditors and you. We would be ready to negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf.


If you are facing litigation over almost any type of individual consumer debt such as medical bills, personal loans, credit cards or cash advances, your situation is not unique. Hallock & Associates, LLC can offer you a free case evaluation to explain what options are available to you and will work to achieve the best possible resolution of your case. Call us today.