Debt Negotiation

Debt Negotiation

When you get behind on your payments the phone starts ringing, letters start coming and it seems creditors go out of their way to add to your stressful situation instead of helping you find a solution that works for everyone. Informing the debt collectors that you are working to find a solution does not offer any respite from the frequent contacts. What can be done? Hallock and Associates, LLC can assist you and begin to deal directly with the creditors on your behalf to find a solution.

Debt Negotiation Solutions


It may seem like your only options are to struggle paying off what you can little by little while under the stress of debt collection tactics for years or to file bankruptcy. For many people, a middle ground solution may be the right choice where you come to an agreement with your creditors through debt negotiations. Collecting debt through litigation is costly and waiting for a payment that may never come, as well as a potential complete loss of what is owed through bankruptcy, provides a strong incentive for creditors to negotiate a settlement. Additionally, working through this process with an expert legal team will ensure any harassment stops and the best possible outcome is achieved for you.


The Debt Negotiation Process


Debt negotiations can take some time to go through the process and come to an agreement with your creditors. If you determine it is the solution to your debt situation, we will start by working with you to develop a savings plan that accounts for your current financial situation and budget. You will then contribute to the plan during the debt negotiation process and once an agreement is reached with your creditors, as well as meets your approval, the payment will be made to the creditor in order to settle your debt.


Although you can contact your creditors directly and try to negotiate a settlement the emotions often run high and the personal nature can make it difficult to achieve a favorable result. When an attorney who is an experienced negotiator acts on your behalf you can be sure to achieve the best result possible, confident that any agreement is legally binding and you are protected from future actions by the creditor against the settled debt. As well, once your creditors are informed of that we represent you all further communication must be directly with us and any harassing calls and letters should stop.


About Hallock & Associates, LLC


Secured debts are not generally able to be negotiated but almost any unsecured debt is eligible. The legal team at Hallock & Associates, LLC has experience with debt negotiation for medical debts, credit cards, store cards, personal loans, cash advances and some kinds of utility bills. We can find the solution to your financial problems and protect your rights. Schedule a no-obligation case evaluation with Hallock & Associates, LLC now.